Welcome to Coupon Intelligence Association!

“There is no Magic in couponing, and you do not have to be an Expert”
Just follow my lead, I will teach you how be a Coupon Spy, where Saving is your number 1 goal!

Hi my name is Rose, I know why you’re here, you want to start saving money, right? Well you’ve come to the right place! My website is very easy to navigate. Throughout my website, you will find pages and links to, Smart Source, Red Plum and even our own printable coupon source straight from our website. Another handy feature we have included is a list of store policies.
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How to navigate the CIA Coupon Spy website

You can join us LIVE  in our CIA Chat Group  on Facebook where you can interact with members and ask questions and get answers. I am very proud to tell you that WE have a great group of people who are willing to help one another whether you are a beginner or a pro. We will show you how to start saving. I have also included a PowerPoint Presentation on “How to Start Couponing“.

Step 1: Go to our Main page on Facebook:

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Step 2: Getting your inserts!

You will want to start collecting papers as soon as possible. Coupon inserts generally come in the Sunday Editions of most major newspapers.  Most  newspapers allow up to 10 subscriptions at one address! (Remember: coupons=cash)

You can also order your inserts or single coupon from one of our clipping services!


*You can also ask your neighbors, family, and friends for their inserts as well.

It is best to purchase your papers/inserts in multiples of 2. Why? Most often the best deals are going to be on an item that is BOGO (buy one get one).  You are able to use one (1) $/1 (any dollar amount off of one item) coupon on EACH of the items that are BOGO! Therefore, the item may have been BOGO for $4.99 and you have 2 $2/1 MFR (manufacturer) coupons to use.  Your total, after coupons for 2 items will be $0.99!

If you are in search of a specific coupon, always  check the DATABASE OR  COUPON SEARCH This will always come in handy when you see a specific deal and want the quickest answer on where the coupon is.

Step 3: Learn the coupon lingo!!

These are the terms we use in our match ups:

RP= Red Plum    SS= Smart Source     P&G= Proctor and Gamble     GM= General  Mills

Here are some more of the terms frequently used:

  • Q’s= Coupon/s
  • MFR= Manufacture Coupon
  • SQ= Store Coupon
  • PQ= Publix  Coupon
  • TQ= Target coupon
  • WD= Winn Dixie
  • IP= Internet Printable
  • RR= Register Rewards (Walgreens)
  • ECB= Extra Care Bucks (CVS)
  • OOP= Out of Pocket
  • RC= Raincheck
  • MM= Money Maker. EVERYONE’S favorite letters
  • Overage= The value of the coupon exceeds the price of the item.
  • BOGO/B1G1= Buy One Get One FREE
  • B1G50%= Buy ONE Get 50% Off
  • B2G1= Buy Two Get One FREE
  • $/$= Dollar off Total Order
  • WYB= When You Buy
  • Stacking= Using One MFR and One SQ on one item
  • MIR= Mail In Rebate
  • OYNO= On Your Next Order (or purchase)
  • Peelie= A coupon attached to the product
  • Hangtag= A coupon attached to the product

Common coupon terms and their general meanings:

“One coupon per purchase

This means that shoppers can use one coupon per item, with the item considered to be the purchase.  For example, if a shopper had 10 identical jars of spaghetti sauce and 10 grocery coupons for that spaghetti sauce, she could use all 10 coupons for her order, which is literally 10 purchases.  She could not use 2 manufacturers coupons on the same item if she was only buying one jar of spaghetti sauce because that would be more than “one coupon per purchase.”

One coupon per order

This means that the shopper can only use that specific coupon once per order.  If a shopper had more than one coupon, they could use one coupon per store visit, which would be one coupon per order.

One coupon per household

This is the most restrictive coupon term.  Some coupons are so generous that stores will limit their liability by making sure shoppers do not make multiple trips to the store to use several coupon.

Step 4: Learn the policy of EACH store!

Different stores have different policies! Make sure you know your store policy BEFORE you go and it is always handy to have a current copy on hand when the time calls for it.

Stick around, Ask Questions, and  You will be a Coupon Spy in no time!!