Mobile Coupon Organizer

My New Mobile Coupon Organize

When you really want to coupon, but always seem to be on the Go.
I had to come up with a an Invention that will work with my busy schedule, and still be able to find my coupons, well I came up with this Organizer that fits perfectly on the trunk of my SUV.

The top compartment hold my tablet, so that I can have quick access to the deals, and quick access to our Coupon Database, it also hold my Wireless Mobile Printer which works with Bluetooth making it so much easier to print on the go and of course my Coupon Organizer Bag.
In the middle, I place a drawer to hold my Store Flyers, booklet, and Extra coupons, Calculator, Scissors and nick nacks.
The Bottom Compartment, I made it to hold plastic bins in which I keep my coupons in.
I use Envelopes to sort my clip coupons.

Now, I would Love to hear what you think?
Feel free to leave us a comment.
I had so much fun making this one, that I’m thinking about possibly producing a few more 🙂

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