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Spring Coupon Savings Booklet In Stores
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$1/2 Any boxes of TRISCUIT OR WHEAT THINS Crackers (any variety, 7.5 oz. or larger)
$1/2 Any boxes of GOOD THINS Snacks (any variety, 3.5 oz. or larger)
$1/2 Any box of BELVITA Breakfast Biscuits (any variety, 8.8 oz. or larger)
$1/2 Any Sargento® Stick & String cheese 9 –12 oz., Balanced Breaks 4.5 oz., or Snack Bites 6 oz.
$0.55/1 Any Mahatma White or Brown Rice 2–5 lbs.
$1/1 Any Mahatma Basmati Rice 2–5 lbs.
$0.65/1 Any Mahatma Jasmine Rice 2–5 lbs.
$0.55/2 Any Mahatma Rice Mixes 4.5–10 oz.
$3/1 Any multipack of ProNourish™ Nutritional Drink 8 oz.
$1/1 Any Sweet Leaf Tea 64 oz.
$1/1 Any Zephyrhills or Deer Park Sparkling Water 6pk./.5L
$2/1 Any Community® Coffee Ground Bag 12 oz. OR K-Cup® 12 ct. Box
$1/2 Any Bob Evans® Refrigerated Side Dishes and Sausage
$1.50/1 Any Kentucky Legend® Quarter Slice or Boneless Ham
$1/2 Any Bar-S® Products 12 oz. or larger (any flavor/any combination)
$1/1 Any 15 oz. can of Rico’s Cheese Sauce (Gourmet Nacho OR Premium Cheddar)
$1/1 Any Simple Green Cleaner 22 oz.
$5/1 Any Mr. Coffee® coffeemaker, Crock-Pot™, Oster®, Sunbeam® small appliance, Mr. Coffee® Single Serve coffeemaker, Mr. Coffee® Café Espresso, OR Sunbeam® Hand Stand Mixer
Buy (1) Get (1) FREE Any Perfect Trainers 6 oz. OR Blue Dog Bakery Dog Treats, Assorted Flavors 20 oz.
Buy (1) Get (1) FREE Any Blue Dog Deli Sticks Dog Treats 7.8 oz.
$2/1 Any package of DEPEND® PRODUCTS (10–54 ct.)
$2/1 Any package of POISE® Pads (27–66 ct.)
$2/1 Any package of HUGGIES® Diapers (42-172 ct.), PULL-UPS® Training Pants (56-74 ct.) or GOODNITES® Big Pack (25-33 ct.)
$1/1 Any package of HUGGIES® Wipes Refills (168 ct. or higher)
$1/1 Any package of COTTONELLE® Toilet Paper (6 pk Mega Roll or 12 pk Double Roll or larger)
$0.55/1 Any package of COTTONELLE® Flushable Cleansing Cloths (42 ct. or larger)
$1/1 Any package of SCOTT® 1000 or SCOTT® Extra Soft Bath Tissue, 12 pack or larger
$0.55/1 Any package of SCOTT NATURALS® Flushable Cleansing Cloths tub or refill, 51 ct. or higher
$0.75/1 Any package of SCOTT® CHOOSE-A-SHEET* Towels, 6 ct.
$1/1 Any VIVA® or VIVA® VANTAGE® Big Roll Bundle Pack® 6 rolls or larger
$2/2 Any MIX or MATCH TUMS® 32 ct. or larger
$3/2 Any Gas-X® 18 ct. or larger, Gaviscon® 12 oz. or 100 ct., OR Prevacid® 14 ct. or larger
$3/2 Any Benefiber® 5.1 oz. or larger or 24 ct. or larger, Ex-Lax® 24 ct. or larger
$3/2 Any Excedrin® 80 ct. or larger
$3/1 Any Abreva® 2.0 g Pump or Tube
$3/1 Any Flonase® 60 Spray or larger
$2/2 Any Sensodyne® or ProNamel® 3.0 oz. or larger, OR Aquafresh® 4.6 oz. or larger
$2/2 Any Boitene® 1.5 oz. or larger, Polident® 3.9 oz. or 84 ct. or larger. OR Super Poligrip® 2.2 oz. or larger
B2G1 FREE Any Glade® Automatic Spray 6.2 oz. Refill
$0.55/1 Any Glade® Jar Candle 3.4 or 9.2 oz.
$1/1 Any Pledge® Product
B2G1 FREE Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel 1 ct.
$2/1 Any Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ brand batteries (AA/AAA–4 & 6, AA–12)
$2/1 Any Energizer® MAX® brand batteries (AA/AAA 16)
$2/1 Any Energizer® Ultimate Lithium brand batteries (AA/AAA–4, 9V-1)
$3/1 Any 8 or 16 ct. package of Energizer® Hearing Aid brand batteries (Sizes 10, 13, 312)

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