Publix New Coupon Booklet Peace & Best Wishes on Passover

Publix New Coupon Booklet Salom & Best Wishes on Pesach
Peace & Best Wishes on Passover
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$1.50/2 Any Streit’s® Egg or Whole Wheat Matzo 11–12 oz.
$0.55/1 Any Streit’s® Passover Matzo Meal, Cake Meal or Farfel assorted varieties
$0.55/1 Any Streit’s® Brownie Mixes or Cake Mixes assorted varieties
$2/1 Any Streit’s® Passover Matzo 5 lbs.
$0.55/1 Any Kedem® Sparkling Juices assorted varieties 25.4 oz.
$0.55/1 Any Manischewitz® Macaroons assorted varieties
$3/1 Any Yehuda Passover Matzo 5 lbs.
$3/2 Any Bottles of Kedem® Grape Juice 64 oz.
$0.75/1 Any Manischewitz® Egg Matzo 12 oz.
$1.50/2 Any OSEM® Chicken Style Consommé 14.1 oz.
$0.55/1 Any Fox™ U-Bet Syrups assorted varieties
$0.55/1 Any Yehuda Matzos Egg, Whole Wheat or Gluten Free 10.5 oz.

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