“Thank you CIA! This is one of the best sites I have used due to the amount of one-on-one help that is available. Rose spent a lot of time helping me through e-mail, text, phone calls and chat. She is the reason I have accomplished so much in such little time. To anyone looking to start couponing I would highly recommend CIA. Everyone in the chat group is extremely friendly and helpful. I not only have my family, but also my coupon family. I was amazed at how easy couponing was to learn and the help that was available through the website and users. Everyone keep up the great work.”
Tracy Ogden

 Latisha profile picI have couponed off and on for the past 4 years with some success. Our grocery bill was about $100-120 a week for our family of 3 humans, a dog, and 4 guinea pigs. With couponing, and before joining and following the CIA coupon spies, I would mainly use 4-5 coupons a trip. That was my idea of couponing back then! I would shop the BOGO’s and Advantage buy prices, and wound up saving around 35-45% on average a week. Now fast forward to November 2012…with the help and support of the CIA coupon spies and the fellow members in the group, I now average a 75-90% in savings! I mainly only shop at Publix, and we are now literally paying maybe $35 a week for groceries! We reanalyzed our budget just this past month, and now have over $200 extra that can go to a savings account finally! I am thrilled and feel very fortunate to have found this group and I do not know what I would do without everyone in it!
Latisha Hood


JennI started couponing about 2 years ago, but slowed down quite a bit until joining this group. Other matchup sites didn’t make it as easy as this one! My husband decided to change jobs and right now isn’t making much money. I have been able to save a ton of money and start a stock pile for my family. It has been a HUGE blessing to be part of this group and provide for my family while having fun couponing! Anyone who wants to coupon can follow these matchups and save money even if you don’t have much time. Thank you so much CIA!!
Jennifer Riffle 


Jennifer Washburn Pinera

Couponing is so much fun because not only are you saving money, you are creating fun friendships! This site is all about the people!This group is always so willing to help out answering questions, finding deals and sharing coupons. I saved so much fun and Im addicted to it!!! Thank you for sharing the savings and allowing my family to have money for other fun stuff that we may not have had otherwise. –Jennifer Washburn-Pinera




callieI feel blessed to have come across such an awesome group of people, it was by accident honestly that I ran across this group. I love how everyone tries to help each other succeed, share ideas, and help teach proper usage of coupons. I have saved a huge amount of money by following the match ups, I’ve been able to donate to family, friends and my favorite charities!! Special thanks to Rose and ALL her spies. You all are so appreciated and respected. Keep up the great job you do for us all!!!!
Callie Cushing  Anderson


ana felieprI always wanted to coupon but didnt know how, i try different groups i couldnt never understand what they was talking about, i try to get classes how to coupon, never found any body willing to help, until one of my friends on facebook post a picture of all her savings and i commemt on it that i wanted to learn, not even 20 minutes later i was add to this wonderful group, sinces then my life and my way of shopping change so much, i been saving so much money, i also have a stock up pile of everything we need for our daily living, i went from spending $150 to $200 dollars a week to $70 to $100 and im still fresh on this, i follow Rose and everyone else matchups and in 2 months i learn a lot, to everyone who wants to save come on and be part of our CIA family, i feel so Bless to be part of this family, thank you everyone, God Bless Y’All –Ana C Felipe

yvetteI started couponing on 11/11. I didn’t know how to use coupons at Publix so my shopping was done at Target, CVS and Walgreen. Even though I was using coupons, I wasn’t maximizing the coupons with the sales nor was I buying groceries. So one day I posted on a blog that I needed help with using coupons for groceries. That’s how I met Rose. She directed me to 2 blogs that did match-ups for Publix. I have been following her since then. Now I am able to save so much and able to share with others. I really don’t have a stockpile because as soon as I make a purchase, I distribute it to family members.-Yvette DavisLongLine
ElisaI started couponing in october of 2011. I started because it looked like fun and I really wanted to donate to charities. The day I found out that Florida didn’t double coupons, I gave up since I thought it would be impossible. So many things kept making me want to use coupons that I tried. I first started with Winn Dixie and then Publix. I discovered my coupon expert when I found CIA Coupon Spy. I am now a professional and I get many deals while having fun and helping others. I always have help finding the deals every week and I want to thank you Rose for changing my mind about coupons and sharing the deals that you find.
-Elisa Nguyen


SandraalvesI have trying to coupon before but didn’t do much ,now after i get to know this group it has been so ease to do the deal .CIA Rocks ,……They teach you in a way that i never expected ,you can chat any time they always answer to you and explain everything. My last month January 2013 e spend half of what i usually did before ,knowing this group has been such a great thing. I actually find myself on this page every moment i can because the’re always finding new deals and tell you where to get the coupons .Now i love couponing and enjoy shopping . This for sure the best group to follow on coupons ,and i can’t imagine myself living with out CIA ! -Sandra Alves

Patricia WattsI have been couponing for nearly two years but have mostly been a solo couponer, hunting for my own deals to the best of my ability. I recently joined the CIA Facebook group and in just a few weeks, I realized the difference in being a solo couponer vs being a part of a group where people are pooling their ideas together and sharing amazing deals! I have had RECORD shopping trips at CVS and Publix! It so great to be apart of a couponing community with people of all range of experience and reach/access to different sources of information. CIA literally spies out deals days that I never see anywhere else. Hands down, the BEST couponing group on Facebook!   Patricia Watts

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